Stockton Dental Patient Testimonials - Dr. Brad Louie


Dear Dr. Louie,
No words can truly express my gratitude to you for all that you have done for me. I will always appreciate your kindness and caring, and your professional expertise. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me a reason to smile again.

Loretta Nowak

Dr. Louie,
I just wanted to say thanks for everything. We really appreciate all you have done. Speaking for myself, my mouth feels great. You are without a doubt a "pro" at your profession. You make a person feel very comfortable when they step into your office. Thanks again. Take care and say hello to your family.
P.S. You have a great staff!!!

Louis Held

Dear Dr. Louie,
A very heartfelt thank you for taking such wonderful care of my Mom, Esma. You were so compassionate, competent and caring with her. She loved you so much.
I am eternally grateful. Lots of love,

Karen Rishwain

Dear Dr. Louie and Staff,
You guys are so amazing! I can't believe I've actually enjoyed every visit to the dentist. Dr. Louie, you are always very precise, always trustworthy and you do a great job at explaining every procedure. Also, you're super funny with your staff!
Your staff are very friendly, upbeat and have the biggest hearts........always making me feel comfortable!
Thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work.

Bridget Kaehler

Dear Dr. Louie,
I just wanted to take the time to formally thank you for the work you did on my front tooth last Thursday. I know it was more work than the filling and treatment plan submitted to the insurance but you did the work anyway. My front tooth hasn't looked this good in many years. Thanks so much.

Kate Cullinane

Dear Dr. Louie,
Just a note to thank you for a truly "painless" crown preparation appointment. I will recommend you highly to others.
Best regards.

Karylene Mann, Realtor

Dr. Louie,
Thank you so much for taking your time on a Saturday to see me. These words cannot fully express my appreciation for your expert care and concern for my dental health. Again, thank you.
P.S. Thanks also to Chris and Ryan for being so patient. You should be proud to have these two young men as your sons.

Larry Nordstrom

Dear Dr. Louie,
Eric's tooth looks great! I didn't realize how much different his mouth would look. You are definitely an artist. Thank you.

Julie Schneider

Dear Brad,
Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you for your care, time and generosity. It is not taken for granted. We appreciate it beyond measure.
Your staff is awesome. I am always greeted with smiles and treated like family. Much thanks to you all and may God continue to bless you.

Tony Soto, Chiropractor

Dear Dr. Louie and Staff,
I want to thank you for your "genuine" concern for my dental health. It is so refreshing to meet a "Team" such as yours. I sincerely appreciate you. I have never met a dentist who is so focused and provides such "personalized care" to his patients. Each of you made me feel at home and at ease. I know I am in good hands! Again, thank you.

Denise Strom

Dr. Louie,
Pat and I want you to know what a great service you performed for Kirsten. She came out of the appointment with you almost euphoric about getting her teeth fixed. Yesterday, she told her mother all about the "talking to" you gave her and how grateful she is to get your care. We appreciate what you are doing for her very much. Thank you.

Don Dineley

Dear Brad,
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your great care. Thank you so much!

Stuart Jacobs, MD

Dr. Louie,
You sure know how to bring on the smiles and that's a good thing for a dentist to know how to do! Just wanted to thank you again for the "painless" visit we had the other day! And let all the girls (in the front, the back and chairside) know how much I appreciate their kindness. They're always so friendly! You make a great team. See you soon.

Wendy Morrow

Dear Dr. Louie and Staff,
You're the best dentist and staff I've ever encountered! I wish I would have found you in my younger days as I wouldn't have anxiety due to the bad experiences I had. Thanks for your patience.

Hollie Blair

Hi Dr. Louie!
Just thought I'd send you a brief update. I'm doing very well with my new teeth, loving being able to bite, chew and smile! I have to admit that adjusting was harder than I thought it would be, but adjust I did. The teeth still fit very nicely.
Thanks again for your kindness. I'm reminded daily of my original feelings: that if I can in some ways of my own "pay it forward", I'd like to do so. One act of goodness begets others and others.

God Bless you, your family and staff.


Dan Haas

I wanted to make sure I took advantage of my last chance to thank you and Lisa for your craftsmanship for these many years. I have worked hard and improved my habits to a sound level. Thanks to you both for your tireless work to make my life healthier

Fred Muskal

I want to work here with you!

A smiling 3 year old Lane W.

while having Mr Tickle polish his teeth :)

Dr. Louie and Staff,
Thank you for the amazing dental service last week. I'm always amazed with how well run the office is and how awesome the staff are! You're #1 in my book!! Keep up the smiles and first rate care. Your friend,

Matt Smart

Dr Louie and Staff, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your help with Ernesto. He appreciated your ability to fix his teeth but even more, he was touched by the kindness you all showed. From the first call to the final appointment, everyone went above and beyond. Thank you again for making a difference in this young man's life.

Barbie B.

Dear Dr Louie and Staff
Thank you for being so kind to our mom, Evelyn (101 yrs old!). We appreciate how gentle and tender you are with her, both with her dental care and in speaking with her. She was absolutely beaming, hanging your sparkling red Christmas ornament on her tree!
We just had to tell you! Your kindness goes a long way and we all thank you!

With appreciation, Linda and Carol